Testing Solutions

We enable software testing processes that will empower your software development life cycle. 

Test Automation

With the growing needs and expectations of users, software companies are continually changing and adopting better and faster approaches and practices such as Agile & DevOps to deliver quality products to their customers within a short span of time.

We offer testing automation services to increase the speed and productivity of the software testing process.

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Today we expect more features, better quality, and improved performance. Organizations must meet or exceed these expectations to maintain customer satisfaction.

In many organizations, the I.T. Development (Dev) and Operations (Ops) teams operate in silos.  The development team works to cultivate new features.  Once this process is complete, the code is then handed over to the operations team to deploy and manage. These silos lead to bottlenecks and slower deployment cycles that often result in frequent errors and less innovation.

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Mobile Testing

Do you need a comprehensive mobile testing solution that exceeds your in-house capacity?  Logic Loops is fully-equipped with mobile test automation frameworks and managed crowd testing to ensure maximum test coverage in minimum time.

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Performance Testing

We provide seamless integration of performance testing services at any stage of SDLC and help our clients to increase the values of their business.


Our key performance testing utilities for multiple domains lies in supporting various platforms such as: desktop, web, cloud, mobile and analytics.

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End to End Functional Testing

We offer a proven package of services to deliver flawless system functionality

Our Key Services: -


  • By using Agile Requirements Designer, we offer end-to-end support for engineering, test case optimization, test design automation, in-sprint testing and more.
  • True distributed multi-site support
  • Cover the complete scope of system functionality to ensure unbiased quality
  • Real-time insights into testing progress
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