Advanced Analytics

Analytics as self-service is about asking better questions. When you are asking better questions...

Analytics as self-service is about asking better questions. When you are asking better questions, you experience peak performance. Asking questions is not replicating reports. 

Incorporating new products in a business environment can often be a challenge. As a company who has worked in large organizations often tasked with the responsibility of implementing software and driving adoption, we believe in the following methodologies:


  • User Discovery and Requirements
  • Preparing Data
  • Structuring Rollout
  • Explaining Rollout
  • Sizing Appropriately
  • Building the COE


Scalability, Availability, and Security are the most important factors when arming the Tableau server to be resistant to failure and to handle growing amounts of simultaneous user requests. Increasing the availability of a solution will increase the complexity.

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Our primary goal is to deploy and implement a sound Tableau ecosystem where I.T. will have more ability to focus on optimization of data as well as data quality.

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You have data and you have questions. Visualization is by far our most powerful sense.  To display data effectively, we must understand a bit about visual perceptioin and how it can be applied to dashboard design.

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Coming from the background of Traditional BI we understand the key factors for successful migration from Traditional BI as well as the need for training users on this adaptability.  Post adoption is paramount for success when migration from old BI tools to new era BI tools.

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Custom Portals

Building a custom web-based portal for Tableau can increase dashboard use and double as an effective way of keeping users up to date on the extensive content that exists on the Tableau Server.

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