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Coming from the background of Traditional BI we understand the key factors for successful migration from Traditional BI as well as the need for training users on this adaptability.  Post adoption is paramount for success when migration from old BI tools to new era BI tools.

Our Focus is On:

  • Keeping existing functionality of Old BI System : Keeping the existing functionality that users have grown accustomed to using for some time remains.  During the transition, it is important to not eliminate the functionality business users are used to, but rather convert the existing functionality into a more linear model when users are ramping up on new BI tools.
  • Enabling Business: Making sure users have the access, agility and flexibility they need to drive the business and to innovate.
  • Maximizing the value of Data infrastructure: Ensuring user access and obtaining maximum value and insight from data.
  • Data Governance: Ensuring data is kept secure, trusted, and accurate.
  • Reliability, Manageability and Scaleability: Ensuring mission critical applications are highly available, top performing, and easy to deploy, manage, and scale.