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You have data and you have questions. Visualization is by far our most powerful sense.  To display data effectively, we must understand a bit about visual perceptioin and how it can be applied to dashboard design.

A dashboard is a visual display of the most important information needed to achieve one or more objectives. The information included is then consolidated and arranged on a single screen so that it can be monitored at a glance.

Dashboards can be categorized into 3 segments:


  • provide the quick overview that decision makers need to monitor the health and opportunities of the business
  • focus on high‐level measures of performance to light the path into the future (ex: good and bad performance evaluations)



  • Used mainly for monitoring operations
  • Dynamic and immediate in nature



  • Require additional context (comparisons, history, evaluations)
  • Highly interactive


Our expertize is not only in creating well designed dashboards.  It lies in the customization for the dashboard's audience and objectives and tells a very clear story!