Data Architect

Job Title Data Architect

Experience 5+ Years

Job Location Norfolk, VA


  • Gather project data requirements with business analysts.
  • Determine data migration, application data, and data feed requirements.
  • Design ETL.
  • Develop data flow and models to support data feeds, geospatial.
  • Integration, data migration, and application data dictionary.
  • Develop data dictionary and classification and publish to metadata with analysts.
  • Assist in building a library for common terms and definitions in coordination with business analysts.
  • Collaborate with enterprise architects, analysts, and project management.

  • 8+ years working across one or more relevant industries. 
  • Expertise in application data architecture and supporting implementation.
  • Data migration planning project experience.
  • Source to target mapping.
  • 3+ years of experience working with ETL/ELT for data migration.
  • Understanding of enterprise service bus architectures and rest services.
  • Integration of data using a publish/subscribe model.
  • 3+ years involvement in the design of bi-directional data movement (front bridge/back bridge).
  • Past or current experience in ETL development using Informatica and/or Microsoft SSIS.
  • Subject area data modeling for OLTP, normalized models, domains.
  • Business process knowledge, technical skills, and communication skills.

Must-Have Primary Skill: Business Analyst-Data Analysis


Logic Loops is currently seeking a Data Architect to join our team in Norfolk, VA, USA.

The data architect will analyze the automation scripts and evaluate their test data dependencies. Based on the complexity of the test data set up, the availability (or non-availability) of sufficient data, the team will determine (POC) the best solution for each script. This solution may include data refresh, data mining, or data seeding. 

The data architect shall be responsible for understanding operational data models in client-based systems and will work with other SME’s in the design of an overall data solution for the test data management. The architect will coordinate with the analysts and application architects to define the structure for how data will be transported and used in QA testing and shared across other applications.
Business defines the need for more accurate data without latency to be available in QA environments that would be used for SIT, UAT, PFT, etc. The data architect will help coordinate POC for each test data management solution and evaluate the pros and cons. In order to do so, the architect needs to understand the mapping between source and target systems. Additionally, it is expected that the bi-directional data feeds (insert, updates, deletes) between systems may be facilitated through integration services. The data architect will work closely with the application implementation and application architects to design a data flow between systems that shall support the front-bridge and back-bridge data transport requirements.

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